Love life

One simple trick to change our experience of life is to love whatever shows up in our life, as if we asked for it.

By ‘Life’ I mean two things:

Our living existence – what it is like to be alive to breathe, to feel, to be)

AND the content of our life – our relationships (or lack of), our jobs, our financial situation (or lack of), domestic arrangements, our family situation and/or our health.

The first step in loving life is to find out what experiencing love is like for you. For some it will be sounds, words, a physical sensation, a state of being – everyone experiences it differently. For me, love is a feeling, a sensation I get in and around my body. Whatever it is, pause for a moment and get familiar with it now.

You don’t need an outside stimulus to experience love just an intention to, and it only works if you are willing to experience whatever shows up. It doesn’t work if you have a fixed idea of what love is. By this I mean a fixed idea of how love should feel, look, sound, and a fixed idea of what must happen first before love can be experienced.

For me, such a learning was a revelation! I thought I had to do things to get love. I thought I had to win awards, or I just got love if I was the flavour of the month.

It was only when I was an adult I explored the idea of ‘What is love?’ that I re-explored my understanding of it. I came to realise it was this experience that had been there all along and with me the whole time. Prior to that, I thought this experience wasn’t epic enough and clearly uncool, and I had to look outside of me, because that’s what all the advertising said. I kid you not. I was completely taken in by the idea love couldn’t be found inside of me, I had to buy a certain product or behave a certain way to get love.

Wow. What a load of baloney!!!

So, I was forced to try a different approach because my life was so messed up and miserable. So instead I tried the totally ‘uncool’ thing of exploring love and here’s what I found:

– I’d had a lot of conditioning that had told me over and over love was outside of me
– I didn’t know very well what love was!
– No-one can explain it to you, you just have to go for it and go on that journey yourself
– Going on that journey requires courage
– Life is different after
– You behave different after
– It gets easier to choose love and let go of your conditioning
– For really entrenched conditioning I needed help from another to let it go
– Choosing love gets you some pretty cool outcomes!
– Your health improves
– Your relationships improve
– Your career improves
– Life flows more
– A lot of divine timing starts to happen saving you time, unnecessary energy expenditure and money – woo hoo!!
– You connect with people on a very deep and delicious level – nothing beats it
– You find more things you’re not totally loving about yet and add them to the list to intend to be more loving about
– You experience this most incredible oneness and happiness. Sometimes I do literally just burst with joy!

So, I hope you’re taken in by this and up for making it your reality too!

You can build it up slowly. The love thing can only ever be done now, so experience love everytime you remember.

Don’t force it. It you’re forcing it, you’re thinking about it, the love thing is an EXPERIENCE not a thought.

Experience love.

Then experience love throughout your day, even when you think ‘this sucks’. Extra especially do it when you are thinking ‘this sucks’.

It is simply the most powerful and life transforming experience I have ever had.

As always, if you are having ‘I can’t do this’, ‘this is stupid’, ‘that won’t work with…’ then get in touch – because they are just thoughts and you don’t have to listen to them. You can have a love experience beyond your thinking. I know, because I have done it.

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BH 1 medium (2)Becci Godfrey is a Mind Detox practitioner and trainerReiki Master and Teacher and Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. From her base in Mark Cross, East Sussex she helps hundreds of people locally and all over the world overcome their life, emotional and health challenges to fulfil their potential.

To find out more, or find out what up and coming courses are available you can visit Becci’s professional profile here or follow Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells on Facebook.

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