Are you in charge of your health?

Winter is always an interesting time at Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells, I wonder if it is the cold days and long nights that puts people under more stress or perhaps they have more time to be reflective? Either way I often find myself working with people that have got to a point where they say enough is enough, it is time to do something about the way they are feeling and it becomes priority number one.

In many cases it is the first time they have stepped up and taken charge of a situation that has been plaguing them for literally years. One of my clients, lets call her Sarah, has kindly allowed us to share the content of her Mind Detox session so that you might get a feel for how easy it is to bring about change to what is causing problems in your life.

Below is transcript of Sarah’s notes, you may find you relate to some of the content.

Want to let go of:                                                             Want to gain:

Anger at being left/abandonment                                   Balance

.                                                                                          Ability to assert myself

.                                                                                          Let go and move on

.                                                                                          Live in the moment

Age of first event:          4

In car, mum told me off, mum doesn’t love me.

Root cause reason for the anger:  sad, angry, hurt – mum doesn’t love me   – 9/10

Why not:

It doesn’t matter, I don’t need to be loved

Other people love me

I can still love, respect and honour myself

There are some people that I can’t see that love me very much

I won’t always be alone (circumstances change)

There will be a time when I will be reunited with the people I love

Installing the knowing: blue, chest area


Hidden beliefs:

People can’t always show you how much they love you.


Afterwards Sarah shared that in hindsight it was daft she had accused her mum of being so unloving, when actually it was her that had been unloving at that point. She also realised that she had been holding her mum to an unsustainable ideal and that everyone shows love in different ways.

Afterwards Sarah said she felt much lighter, she saw her mum with much more compassion and forgave her completely for what was quite possible a difficult time because her mum wasn’t normally difficult to be around.

When asked when the same experienced happened again and to notice how differently she reacted she said it was brilliant! She said when she was left again she would speak up very clearly and explain how she felt so other people could make informed choices. She also said that her overriding reaction would also be to remember all the people that loved her that she couldn’t see and that she wouldn’t be alone for ever.

This is how simple, the Mind Detox Method is. 

To find out more and to find out how it works visit and check out the How does it work? section.

Thank you Sarah for showing people how easy it is to let things go and move forwards with a new, healthier attitude and wish you all the best for your new, more constructive future.


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