What intention would you set?


One of the most powerful things about a Mind Detox session is the intention you set at the beginning of the session. This might be to be more confident, to be comfortable in open spaces, to be in a happy and healthy relationship or to be free of pain and comfortable again.

There is something inextricably powerful about making a commitment to achieving an outcome.

I have yet to experience a Mind Detox session that hasn’t shifted something for the person I am working with, nor have I ever left a session done on me thinking it is a wasted experience. Something always shifts and a stress is let go of, every time.
It is the combination of intention, commitment and a trust in my ability to help myself and the plasticity of the brain that enables the mind to shift and the outcome to be achieved.

Yesterday I experienced my own perfect example. As a former M.E. sufferer, I know tiredness and I know what to do to manage it. It crossed my mind though, what if I Mind Detoxed myself on tiredness? I did and bingo, up came a very very poignant and relevant memory. I remembered in my early years being put to bed before all my siblings (I was the youngest and then later the second youngest), whilst everyone else was playing outside in the summer evening sun. My root cause reason was scared – I’m alone and I am not safe.

Instant outcome

As soon as I realised that at home, in my cot/room I was completely safe and protected and more safe than if I was outside, my tiredness INSTANTLY shifted – I didn’t have to be on red alert any more!

I realise now, that there has always been a direct correlation for me between being alone and being tired. Being a bit of an independent and free spirit, I have had many many a reason to be alone and therefore feel unsafe, which played out as being tired – constantly!

I have done so many Mind Detoxes now, on myself and others, I am totally comfortable and confident with the stress-releasing shifts they can bring. I have seen miraculous outcomes for those brave and willing enough to pursue the journey to better health and the life they dream of.

If there was one thing in the world that I would do to help others to experience the life they deserve, is to Mind Detox them so they know they deserve it – and that the life that they seek, is seeking them too.

Fear or adventure?


Don’t look down.

What makes this exhilarating for some, and terrifying for others?
The answer is, what is in the unconscious mind.
The unconscious mind is a vast super computer that has the responsibility, amongst other things, to regulate our systems and keep our body safe.
When someone looks at this picture and thinks, “Ah – adventure!”, they are thinking vastly different things to someone that thinks, “I’m not safe!” And as a result, their body responds differently.
The person that thinks “I am not safe” will be nervous, shaky and may experience blind panic to the point they pass out.
The person that thinks “Ah – adventure!” will be poised, focused, alert, aware and fully alive and present.
Both will have an elevated heart rate and adrenaline pumping through their system, but their ultimate perception of the experience would be very different. One would use the adrenaline to sharpen their focus to stay safe, the other would be using it to be nervous.
Can you see, which out of the two would be safer in this circumstance?
The person that perceives the experience as an adventure would be safer because they are more present and alert, where as the person in blind panic would be unsure and doubting and more likely to wobble.

A matter of perspective

But what justifies two such different outcomes?
It is the underlying thoughts we experience when confronted with a situation. The person that enjoys and appreciates the adventure and challenge would know they were safe. Their trust and faith would be in themselves and what they are capable of. They would perhaps know from experience to remain within their abilities, put checks and safety measures in place to ensure safety and take a calculated risk. They would have confidence in their own ability, even when it doesn’t go to plan. Finally, they would have to have the perspective that no matter what happens, they would be OK.
On the other hand, the person that is nervous would have to deny the safety measures in place, be untrusting and thinking of the worst case scenario. This person would easily override the truth with their internal perceptions, finding more and more data to prove their “I’m not safe” perception true, thus making the belief stronger.
I am sure we can all relate.
My point is, with a shift of mindset and by changing our internal talk, we are able to produce a completely different mental and physical outcome. By moving away from a panic strategy to survive to a state of calm focus, we actually increase our chances of survival.
This is what a Mind Detox does. It changes your survival strategy to one that will preserve the body better. This will most likely be a better approach than your current anxiety, ill health, money issues or relationship challenges.
The Mind Detox Method asks a series of powerful questions to find the often hidden causes of a problem before supporting you to discover and install antidote learnings, that make it impossible to feel bad – even when faced with the same situation again.
Once you have cleared a problem you will find you use resources in a powerful and effective way, one that works with you and for you, rather than against you.
fear-quotes-6As Sandy Newbigging, the creator of the Mind Detox Method often says, “It’s never what happened that is the problem but instead what it was about what happened that was a problem for them.”

Re-framing a situation, readdressing the balance and reactivating our personal power can be all that is necessary to overcome anxieties such as a fear of criticism, driving, heights, illness, the opposite sex, leaving the house, flying, loud noises and a fear of water. And we can do it, in a heartbeat.
What would letting go of your fears, mean for you?
To help you on your quest, Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells is offering a 10% discount to anyone that books a session before 16th May 2016 including in person sessions and those done via Skype. To find out more visit: www.minddetoxtunbridgewells.co.uk/offers,-workshops-retreats.aspx

I am my own case study

I wanted to share an experience I had recently, that demonstrates what a Mind Detox is very good at, and how it’s OK to have your own relationships with things that might be a bit different to others.


Murphy was a pretty cheeky chap!

A couple of weeks ago my best friend and cherished horse of 17 years got a colic he wasn’t going to recover from. After a difficult and stressful night, we made the hard but necessary decision to have him put to sleep.

Many lovely people contacted me to express their condolences and for the days following I was inundated with kind words and deeds. One thing that did surprise me though was how many people said “I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling right now”. The truth is, they probably couldn’t, because after a damn good cry and a Mind Detox on myself, I was actually completely peaceful.

You see, Murphy wouldn’t want me to be sad and I don’t want to waste time being stuck on what I have lost. I can honestly say, I can look at a picture of that cheeky ragamuffin and I’m OK. I haven’t felt lost, I haven’t felt bereft and I haven’t felt like I am missing anything – we’ve simply moved on to a new chapter of our life together.

What is different between my experience of Murphy’s passing and some other people’s is my relationship to it.

I’m completely cool with the idea he’s not here any more – I can justify it in my mind with thoughts and feelings such as “He was a great horse, we had a lot of fun together, he’s not in pain now, he taught me a lot of what I know and because I am at complete peace I am free to go on and do other things I couldn’t do before.” I and all the people he impacted and touched, are his legacy.

My time with Murphy was spent being present, so I didn’t feel I missed out on anything before he went. I know not everyone get’s that opportunity and I have certainly had to clear grief issues in the past (my second ever Mind Detox session brought up grief and that was about a horse as well), so perhaps that is why I made extra sure I was so present with him before he left, so that I wouldn’t suffer this time around.

I know everyone is different, but I just wanted to share that it is possible to be at complete peace with a soul’s passing. Had I not known what grief was and what I was capable of, I would likely have never strived for it. I am glad I did and I want to share so you know you are capable of doing this as well. Whether it is the loss of a job, person, favourite item or friendship – grief can affect us all, and whilst it is healthy in the short term, if you are stuck in it, you may want to give me a call.

20150522 Barbara Yeo Photography Becci Harvey-14 lrBecci Harvey is a Mind Detox practitioner and trainer, Master Reiki Teacher and Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. From her base in Mark Cross, East Sussex she helps hundreds of people locally and all over the world overcome their life, emotional and health challenges to fulfil their potential.

To find out more, or find out what up and coming courses are available you can visit Becci’s professional profile here or follow Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells on Facebook.

Complete resolution with the Mind Detox Method

Great impromptu double Mind Detox session with a client today. She’d come to my new mediation group, but had mentioned she was stalling on a project. I could see the project was of international importance and took the opportunity to see if she wanted to be shot of it by the time she walked out the door. She did.

We got completely clear on what it was she wanted to let go of, and what it is she wanted to gain. We then discussed what the impact of her new free status would bring her. She explained how she had so many started but unfinished creative ideas that multiple people across the globe were waiting for her to deliver, plus a whole chunk of new ideas she hadn’t started on because she just couldn’t bear the idea of failing, despite knowing deep down how gifted she is.


We worked diligently through the 5 step Mind Detox Method to find the memory where her problem started. She scored both parts of the memory 10/10 for truth and intensity. We then started to unravel her justifications for having a such strong hold on the memory, with some great learnings such as “They were doing the best they could” and “They had their issues too”. I could see that, we still hadn’t quite got all the issue, so we went back and asked what other event had been the cause of the problem of self sabotage and low self worth? This time she shared a new memory and scored two aspects of that at 10/10 and 9/10. We worked through the reasons to no longer feel so strongly about that memory till we had two pages of learnings and knowings that completely unjustified her initial feeling bad.

We installed those knowings with an “Install the Knowing Exercise”, one of the unique elements of the Mind Detox Method and went back and re-scored her initial statements. The first two had dropped to 2/10 and 0/10 and the later two 1/10 and 1/10. We explored some final learnings till we scored all initial statements at 0/10.

Then we checked the work. She still had the memory, but now the emotion has gone and she feels more neutral about it. Similarly, we explored the idea that should something similar happen again, she’d respond differently. She confidently confirmed she would.

Some 2 1/2hrs later, she couldn’t believe what we had accomplished. A life of many ups and downs had seen her do all sorts of different therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, Reiki, Buddhist meditation and crystal work, but none had managed to go as deep and to the core of the issue as Mind Detox had.

She literally let go of over 50 years of stress in one session.

I’m excited to see the outcome. As a leading light in the creative world, wife and mum of two grown children she realised that what she had just accomplished wasn’t just of benefit to her, but a whole raft of others she had influence over.

There may still be some more work to do – we left it there because the session had come to a natural close. If there is another session it’ll not be much more to get her to the point of freedom she was asking for.

It never ceases to amaze me, that when you have the right tools and the desire to let something go and regain your brilliance, it’s really not difficult!

Everything heals

20150522 Barbara Yeo Photography Becci Harvey-14 lrBecci Harvey is a Mind Detox practitioner and trainer, Master Reiki Teacher and Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. From her base in Mark Cross, East Sussex she helps hundreds of people locally and all over the world overcome their life, emotional and health challenges to fulfil their potential.

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How stressed are you?

I have this cool little app on my phone that can measure how stressed I am. It measures something known as heart coherence – the consistency or lack of consistency of the spaces between heart beats.

Heart coherance

By measuring variations between each heart beat, and comparing it with data from healthy people, the app can determine how my stress levels compare to others.

According to the HeartMath Institute, an erratic heartbeat is an indicator of physical, mental and spiritual tension compared to a steady heartbeat that is associated with those with less stress. Common practices in the later group are exercise, meditation and yoga.

As you can see, my stress levels are pretty low! However, this wasn’t always the case for me. When I left school I didn’t know I was stressed because I had nothing to compare my experiences with. I bet though if you had measured me then, I’d have been on the other side of the scale. I was a busy kid, working hard at school, swim training 3 times a week, horse riding 4 times a week, playing 2 musical instruments and one of 4 children living on a working farm. I rarely did down time and my day was full from 6am in the morning to 10pm at night. Everything I did was about moving forwards. I was competitive in 3 sports, went to a very high performing school and had to compete for pretty much everything I did.

Looking back it’s not surprising my body started to say no to me. It started with me falling asleep in lessons (German was the worst), followed by needing to go to bed after training sessions. I put it down to such an active life and thought little of it.

However, when I left and went to university and didn’t have any of the farm chores or sport, and I was still tired and achy all the time and falling asleep in lectures, I knew something wasn’t right. I went to my GP and they did tests on me for 3 years. Eventually I was diagnosed as having M.E.

Get educated

Get educated quoteIt wasn’t the 3 years of pestering the GP that got me better, it was getting educated on what makes people tick. On my journey back to health I studied spirituality, nutrition, psychology and had chiropractic, herbs and acupuncture. I learnt about the Mind, Body and Soul and had a first hand experience of what humans need to be well. And I’m still learning.

Some 17 years after first being diagnosed and 19 years after I first sought to turn my situation around I’ve come a long way. I’ve come to understand the human form is complex. Simple self care principles are quite straight forward, however it requires vast knowledge to know what remedies to apply when to bring about valuable health changes. Moreover, in a modern world that often encourages us to be unhealthy, you’ll need strategies to buck the crowds and do what’s right for you.

Naturopathic chef Hannah Wyborn and I are offering up our knowledge on a 6 day retreat. It’s a chance to experience the positive health choices that put health credits in the bank account and learn how to avoid doing the things that put you into the red. You’ll be with others that also want to be healthy in a technology free environment and beautiful nature right on your doorstep. All the food will be as organic and locally sourced as possible and the water is mineral water from the farm.

Sound like your kind of thing?

There are just 6 spaces available. Visit www.minddetoxtunbridgewells.co.uk/retreats to find out more and start your journey to better health.


Wellbeing retreat 1-6th May

How would you like get away from it all and expand your health knowledge at the same time?  Therapeutic chef and naturopathic nutritional therapist Hannah Howard and Mind Detox practitioner Becci Harvey are giving you just that opportunity with a 5 1/2 day wellbeing retreat in the beautiful Cornish countryside.
Bodmin 051

Toad Hall – the Retreat venue

Bodmin 046

Enjoy a relaxing break away!

Join two health experts to find out what health practices they employed to turn around their own health and now use to stay healthy and ahead of the game.
In these 5 1/2 days you will:
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success
  • Set yourself a realistic wellbeing goal and learn about the power of intention and gentle focused effort
  • Eat three healthy and nutritious meals that support your body to be well and heal
  • Learn nutrition basics that enable you to continue to prepare nutritious, enjoyable and healthy meals after the retreat
  • Learn what practices support a healthy mind, a clean body, sleep, healing and repair and feelings of abundance and love
  •  Gain access to all of Hannah and Becci’s practical knowledge including cooking masterclasses, meditation, exercise for well being and how to do self healing
  • What foods to eat or avoid to help with specific ailments
  • How to have a healthy mind for greater mental wellbeing
  • Create a plan to continue the benefits after the retreat.

Positive health practices

JuicesThe core programme will be based around positive health practices. This means there will be plenty of time to stretch, meditate, journal, prepare and share healthy mealtimes, discuss, connect and appreciate the beautiful Cornish countryside in which this retreat is located.
The aim of the retreat is to return you with a much better knowledge and understanding of the health practices required to return to and maintain good health, whilst having fun and enjoying great company. Likely outcomes are:
  • A clearer sense of personal purpose
  • More confidence in making health choices
  • A much greater knowledge of nutrition and what to eat to benefit your health
  • An experience of making meals, smoothies and juices for health
  • A deeper understanding of the mental practices required to be healthy
  • Tips and tricks to deal with mental confusion, difficult emotions and anxiety
  • A healthier weight, clearer skin and less physical tension
  • A smile in your heart and some new lifetime connections.
Bodmin 028.JPG

Views from the retreat venue are exceptional, with all water coming from a borehole on the farm

There are a maximum of 6 places available on this very bespoke experience. 

Standard rate (twin room or shared bathroom): £425
Premium rate (double room with en-suite): £525

Additional opportunities 

One to one nutrition consultation with Hannah – £65
One to one Mind Detox consultation with Becci £75
For more information use the contact form or call Becci on 01892 853518.

Train in the Mind Detox Method!

Beliefs are everything, because they are the framework that co-create our world.

Belief is behind the placebo and the nocebo effect (the positive or negative outcome from an intervention), your levels of deservedness with money, health and relationships and the likelihood of reaching your goals versus falling short.

If you believe you will fail, you will fail.

If you believe you can do something, you’ll find a way.

It makes sense then to let go of any beliefs that don’t serve. This might be beliefs about your body, your ability to heal, what you are capable of attracting financially or the sort of relationship you are deserving of.

Easy right?

No, not always.

The trouble is, most beliefs are created when we are small and no amount of conscious positive thinking will reverse them.

If you want to let go of a belief, then you have to go back to where and when the belief originated, so you can change your thought process and replace the old thought pattern with one that will help you. To do that, you need a tool that can access the UNconscious mind – the far larger and more significant part of your mind that exists, that you’re not aware of.


Which is where the Mind Detox Method comes in. Mind Detox is a quick and efficient tool to help you find and resolve the root cause reason in your unconscious mind that is responsible for why a problem is showing up in your life.

It quickly helps you to get to and reprogramme the conclusions that are stopping you from experiencing all the joy, happiness and abundance you deserve and that comes from a life lived in effortless flow. Through the Emotional Domino Effect people can let go of years of problems in just one session, so they can live out their dreams and fulfil their potential.

Thie speed and efficacy of this technique makes it a popular tool for coaches, therapists, nutritionists and body workers as a way of helping clients achieve their goals by letting go of the unhelpful behaviours and beliefs that are holding them back.


Join the creator Sandy Newbigging and I for one of a limited number of Mind Detox Practitioner training courses available to learn this technique for use on yourself and a way of earning an income as a Mind Detox Practitioner with others.

In your training you will learn about the brain body connection, how your body isn’t against you, how to get the most out of your clients and how to still get a great result when it doesn’t go to plan.

Complete the 6 month home study programme and you will be fully qualified to practice in an ethically safe and insurable way.

Course registration ends on midnight 1st April and there’s a limit of 12 slots being advertised to a global audience, so it is advised you act fast!

“Easily the most important training I have ever done”

— Deen Glozier, Clinic Owner