June Cornish Detox Retreat


How would you like to get away from it all and boost your health at the same time?

My very good friend Hannah Howard and I offering you just that with a detox retreat in the heart of the beautiful Cornish countryside.


Hannah and I have designed a 4 1/2 day, 5 night fully catered detox retreat packed full of things that will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed and ready to take on the world!

JuicesHannah is a naturopathic nutritionist and excellent chef. This means she recommends natural foods and supplements where necessary, to treat a range of health conditions such as depression, IBS, PMS, eczema, acne and allergies. Hannah will be in charge of what you put in your body and will be inspiring you with her cooking workshops and culinary ideas.

I – Becci, as Mind Detox Therapist, will be in charge of your mental and emotional wellbeing. That means getting clear on your goals in life and then helping you remove the mental and emotional blocks to you achieving those goals.

Mornings will yoga_cornwall__640x480__200x150be structured with meditations, yoga, walks, workshops and the chance to have a 1:1 nutrition consultation or Mind Detox. Afternoons are free for you to do your own thing and explore either the local tracks and trails, Cornish coastline, Bodmin Moor or sit down by the river and throwing sticks for Dillon, the resident black lab.

In the evenings we’ll all sit down for a lovely, healthy meal followed by board games, evening workshops, films and quiet time to read or journal – the emphasis being on listening to your body and giving you and it all the help, support and love that it needs.


The retreat will be at the wonderful Penrose Burden (the view is that image at the top of the page) in North Cornwall. Penrose Burden is perched on the edge of Bodmin Moor and draws its own mineral water from a borehole on the farm. A 10 minute stroll from the cottage is a babbling river, the Camel Trail is at the end of the lane and we are just 20 minutes from the North Coast and some of the most stunning landscape in the UK. I’ve been going there for 5 years now and I’ve fallen in love with the place. It’s where I go to rejuvenate and I know you are going to love it too.



The retreat will run from 4pm Sunday 8th June to 10am Friday 13th June.

Toad Hall room__200x130Accommodation will be in twin rooms, with double rooms available for couples and single occupancy available for an additional supplement. Spaces are limited to 8 people.

This retreat is perfect for anyone that wants to take time out to support their physical and emotional health and have fun whilst doing it.


The cost of the retreat includes:

▪ 5 nights accommodation in 3* holiday cottage
▪ Three nutritious meals a day plus snacks
▪ 1 fruit/vegetable juice a day plus unlimited mineral water and herbal teas
▪ Daily meditations
▪ Fun and engaging nutrition workshops
▪ Nutrition consultation with Hannah (to include a pre-retreat questionnaire)
▪ Mind Detox consultation with Becci

Ensuite twin or double sharing: £425
Single occupancy: £495 

Places are on a first come first served basis and require a non-refundable £100 deposit to secure your space. Full payment is required 6 weeks before the retreat.

To book your space send an contact Becci or call 01892 853518 or 07833 597187.

Thank you

The mind is a wonderful and powerful thing. I had the pleasure of being the client this morning to go through the Mind Detox Method and I had a wonderful time letting go of issues, some as old as I am.

The process reminded me how a single thought pattern can produce so much anxiety and impact on our daily life without us realising.

As so often is the case, there was more than one reason for my anxiety (I was looking at the reason I am shortsighted) and with the help of a great therapist we were able to clear some enormous trauma’s. Before the session I used to be desperately claustrophobic due to an experience I had at birth. Today I found myself stepping outside and breathing the air like it was the first time I had ever breathed. It was like my entire life I had been anxious for each breath, and now that anxiety is finally gone – I now know I am ok and able to breath as I need.

What’s all this got to do with being short sighted? Well, something like shortsightedness is based on fear. I was afraid at birth I couldn’t breath and I would die and now that fear has gone. I also detoxed on the anxiety of a parent being in hospital and not there to look after me from separate time in my life.

It is such small and simple things that trip us up, yet when we are young they seem huge, and left unresolved they hold us back as adults in many ways.


I can’t wait to see the positive results these mental shifts will make. So I wanted to say thank you to Sandy for discovering and honing the Mind Detox Method and sharing it with us all, and thank you to Liz today for being that great therapist. If you would like to know more about the Mind Detox Method then visit www.MindDetoxTunbridgeWells.co.uk or purchase the book Heal the Hidden cause on Amazone here.

Horse Therapy and Depression

Originally posted on HorseSense UK:

It is said that depression will affect us all at some point in our life either us personally or someone we love. Once it hits we can feel down, heavy, lethargic, hopeless, emotional for no reason or have no reason or desire to go on.

I first experienced depression at a very young age and have worked hard on understanding the causes and solutions for this most debilitating of illnesses. More recently I have been playing with a whole host of therapies to help people overcome the grey fog of depression, but I have to confess there is one remedy I consider to be vastly overlooked and massively under utilised and that is Horse Therapy.

Horses were once a significant part of day to day existence, but all that changed with the advent of the internal combustion engine. No longer required for transportation horses became a leisure and recreation item…

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Why empowering your kids is so important

One of the common themes I see in my Mind Detox clinic is an adult that gives their power away to others. By others I mean a sibling, a parent, a husband, their boss, the government, a doctor or even pets!
People pleasers have grown up and learnt that they way to get what they want or even to avoid being bullied or abused is to do what everyone else wants and put their own wants and needs to one side.
Such an approach will work short term, but will long term end up with a disempowered adult that either requires an external verification of their worth or has deep sense of self-loathing because unwittingly they aren’t listening to themselves and their needs.
In contrast, to let go of the idea that we must please others and it is the relationship with ourselves that is most important can be an immensely liberating affair. To be able to sit down in complete bliss with your own presence is a wonderful feeling and is great for your emotional and psychological well being. When we are in that kind of state, the body is healthy and happy, we heal quickly and we are overflowing with love for others because our cup is already full. It is our natural state and is everyone’s birthright.
I can understand why though, for many this idea would be challenging and produce resistance.
I too was once a people pleaser, misguidedly thinking that my sense of self worth and love came from outside of me and not from within. I was from a largish family, so it is easy to understand how as a young child fitting in with the needs of the rest of the family could have been interpreted as having to put everyone else first and my parents were not experts on child psychology, like everyone else they were just trying to do their best like all parents do!
However, with my hindsight, what advice would I give parents of children, people pleasers and those that work in the therapy world?
Firstly, we are all unique, valuable and wonderful beings. We do not need to do or being anything to be worthy of love. Joy, peace and happiness is our natural state, so when we take away the reasons we are not experiencing our natural state (psychological conditioning, unhealed memories, lack of knowledge) then we experience all the goodness and abundance that resides within us all.
Thirdly, the word empowerment is key. To empower someone is to allow them to use their inner resources rather than rely on outside means. For example, I empower my clients to find me and choose for themselves whether my services are appropriate. I do not apply pushy sales tactics because I want to know my clients are making the right decision for them. They are taking a leap of faith asking me for help and the reward is the vindication of their efforts. When it comes to children a little more guidance and coaching is required. A child may not inherently realise they are powerful beings capable of making their own choices and looking after themselves. It makes sense that in the same way we teach them to tie shoe laces and how to read, we will need to teach them to listen to their inner wisdom and act on it rather than rely on others. As parents, we must be aware of what level our children are capable of self care and self empowerment and facilitate that growth to happen.
Finally, as parents it is for us to model empowerment and demonstrate the benefits. True empowerment means that each individual looks after and is responsible for themselves, whilst being responsible, aware of their impact and contribution on the wider world. In the case of the oxygen masks on aeroplanes, we must see to our own needs first.
Examples of personal empowerment include keeping ourselves adequately fed, homed and clothed to the best of our ability. Choosing a profession that we are both good and enjoy is another, or being equal in a relationship that is based on love, trust and give and take. All these are forms of empowerment and crucial ultimately to your survival.
My closing thought is this. Your relationship with yourself is more important than any other relationship you will have. Others will come and go, your relationship with you is constant.

What could you achieve with a health condition gone?

I am so grateful to have the gift of emotional observation and my Mind Detox training. Today’s Mind Detox client wanted to reconnect with inner balance so she could let go of her medication for good.

My ability to observe enabled the client to address an issue that intellectually she did not want to address – but emotionally was written all over the way she physically expressed herself.
Two Mind Detoxes later and I believe we are well on our way to unravelling that initial problem that means that medication will no longer be necessary and she will also live her life in a balanced way with confidence.

With spring around the corner now is the perfect time to let things go before you start anew with the seasons so you can be performing at your best.

If you would like to have your own healing experience, there is still time to make use of February’s offer. Book now and receive a discount on any sessions you book before the end of the month, even if you claim them in March.

What could you achieve with a health condition gone?

Love hearts

Did you survive Blue Monday?

There is some speculation around which Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year, but general consensus in the Northern Hemisphere is it is one of the first three Monday’s in January. Having to return to school/work, the short days, your credit card bill and not having yet received January’s pay are all reasons given for January being the most depressing month of the year.

Whether this applies to you or not, here are some tips to help you if you do find yourself feeling down during the winter, many of which I employ on a regular basis myself – the last one might be a bit niche mind!


woman-running-2Exercise not only improves your energy levels and immune system, but it also triggers your brain to release endorphins – naturally occurring chemicals that make us feel happier. If it’s too cold to exercise outside, take up indoor exercise such as going swimming or taking the stairs instead of the lift which can be just as beneficial for your mental health. Personally I find exercising with friends is the best way to do exercise, but don’t let a lack of a buddy stop you – get out, get some air in your lungs and move about a bit, you’ll be glad of it afterwards.

Eat well

Thankfully New Year’s resolutions often include the resolution to eat better so you’ll be in good company if you decide to improve your diet at this time of year. We tend to crave fats in the winter to help keep ourselves warm, so though you might feel tempted to eat comfort food like chips or chocolate, a diet rich in omega-3 oily fish like salmon and mackerel will be better for you in the long term and the omega-3′s are natural anti-depressants so will help to combat your lethargy and low mood.

 Be sociable

Friends socialisingStaying tucked up at home when it’s cold outside can be appealing, but being cut off from friends or family or not having a social support network can make your mood worse. Face-to-face human contact stimulates certain physiological responses in the brain that benefit our mental health in a way that technology-based contact doesn’t. So whilst technology and social networking sites can help us keep in touch, it is no replacement for actually seeing our friends or family and getting out and about and meeting people.

Join an interest/activity group

Joining a local sports club or a leisure group allows to meet some new people and to have regular contact with people who share similar interests or hobbies. You’ll find you’re not the only one that has up and down times and being part of something where you are contributing will meet one of your six human needs too.

Join a support group

Med group Salt CaveThe Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells meditation group was set up to provide a regular meditation practice as well as a support group for people as they progress on their journey. Having a supportive group of people around you, just like the lovely people that meditate on Tuesday’s, can make all the difference to difficult experiences and will improve your quality of life. Whilst it might be tempting to hide away on your own, you’ll be amazed at how uplifting a good listening ear or a kind smile can be and these are the sorts of things that stay with you for days. Check out our next dates for meditation sessions.

Practice mindfulness

I put mindfulness rather than meditation, because most people associate meditation with sitting or lying down quietly rather than something they can do when they are out and about during the day. Mindfulness for me is about being in the present moment and aware of yourself and the surroundings around you in order to ground you in reality rather than being swept up in the pseudo reality of in this case, depressive and fatalistic thinking. In addition to being mindful during the day, I encourage you to play around with sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day to practice a very concentrated form of mindfulness or meditation if you please. Even better is the more you practice mindfulness the easier it becomes and the better the results are, which is of course why so many people now make it part of their daily routine.

Set yourself realistic goals

ae writingLots of people set themselves New Year’s resolutions in January but might not stick to them which can be demotivating and impact on their emotional wellbeing. To help you achieve your New Year resolutions run them past a friend first to see if they past the test of:

S – Specific (e.g. loose 12lbs)

M – Measurable (e.g. using the scales)

A – Achievable (e.g. to be done by cutting out sweets and cakes)

R – Realistic (given your constraints this is something you can achieve)

T – Time based (e.g. in 3 months)

Sharing your goals makes you much more likely to accomplish them as you have someone to check and keep you on track and you’ll feel motivated to impress them and not let them or you down.

Have a birthday!

It was my birthday on Monday 13th January and I always find that its a great excuse to be extra motivated to make new changes at the beginning of the year. As I know several of you on this list had birthday’s in January too, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday as well! Birthday’s for me are a time to celebrate with family and friends and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

And if after all these tips you are still struggling it may be wise to seek professional help. Approximately 7% of the British population are said to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder where the short winter days produce apathy and a low mood. There are many things you can do from talking therapies (like Mind Detox) to nutritional support to help through these months. As someone that use to suffer from SAD I know there is plenty you can do to help yourself and would be happy to talk to anyone that would like some advice.

Special meditation date – guest speaker Sharada Ishaya

Sharada-Ishaya-150x150If this is the year that your goal is to experience more peace, more freedom and more well being then you’d do well to join us in the Salt Cave on Tues 21st Jan at 8pm. Local Ishaya monk Sharada will be joining us in the cave to talk about Ascension meditation and you will see for yourself the benefits it brings.

From my own experience I can tell you that Ascension Meditation will bring balance back into your life and revolutionise the way you see the world. Designed to harmonise the left and right brain, this very old meditation technique is blessed with simplicity and the opportunity to be practiced anytime, anywhere. Even if you have no intention in training in a meditation practice I thoroughly recommend you come along to this talk to find out exactly what peace looks like and what is available to you. Tickets £10 (normal price) and it is recommended you book your space in advance either by emailing me back, or signing up on the Mind Detox Tunbridge Wells events page.